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Your small business needs a Mobile App.

Build brand and cultivate customers loyalty with this game.
Your customers play with your business game and collect scores.
They can redeem collected scores with you to get discount or benefit.
You can Offer your coupons to your customers by this game or ask them to collect points or scores.


1-  Redeem localy = You check the scores and get customer discount or ...

2 - Redeem remoely = Customer redeem by your agent and device location, address, id, score, date will be send to our server. You as the owner, can login to your account and check the redeems by your agents to manage them.

3 Month Full Money Back Warranty. No Question.

$3000 setup
$150/Month for license and support

$99/year for Apple Store
$99 for Windows Mobile Store
$25 Google Store

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School, Clothing, Fashion, Bars, Clubs, Food, Drink, Hair, Beauty, Restaurant, Fitness, Medical, Health, Professional Services
Features: Smart Coupon, Promo Code, Products, Services, News, Events, Contact Us, Invite friends, Push Notification, Map, Youtube Channel Video, Payment Record Dashboard and Reprot


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